Thursday, March 9, 2017

Moalboal Room for rent Philippines

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Monday, May 17, 2010

waving flags


We was attending on the parade today in the small town of Tjøtta. All Norwegian was on the processions, leading the school children bringing their own flags waving and showing the love of our country. Even have a slightly rain the marching was go on and the speeches and the band playing the national anthem. They are celebrating every 17th day of May. The Norway's National Day. We saw some old Norwegians wearing their own national costumes called "BUNAD". Its so nice. After parade they are attending the mass. I was there too,praying by myself not joining to them cause i don't understand their own language. Hope soon I can speak to them with same language. And night time we have big dinner celebration, in cozy restaurant. Food was Oishi...but not FREE.

Saturday, July 18, 2009



I have a nice day today, i been in the mountain with my co worker Arvin and friends, we ate coconut, we make "lamaw/butong" we put: condense milk, peanuts, biscuits and orange. Ohm, good taste with orange.*Lami* so much enjoyed.. with finishing Rum and coconut juice*wala coke sa bukid*. but its really good taste too...ow first time mo? they are asking me with a jokes! and i answer with a laugh,,,di naman halata! all new for me and to other friends. The taste sames water, you don't felt drunk if still have *tagay* in the bottle, just love to laugh.heehew. But later after 30mins.,your feelings like a queen and king in the mountain.

wishing wheel


At the same day, we went in Simala, a miraculous mama Mary in Sibunga Cebu. My first time to went there, and so very lacky not so many people waiting in line. We arrived at 4pm,(Saturday) so some people going way back home.

I was in the wishing wheel, throwing coins and wish. And writing messages in a sheet of paper drop in box, toke some pictures for remembrance.

I hope i will back there again.

excited adventures


Last week, myself and my friend Yolanda been in south part of Cebu. We riding motor bike. I ride my own motorbike and my friend her own bike too. We`re both very very first time driving a long trip, from my place Moalboal to Badian, Alegria, Malabuyoc, Ginatilan, Samboan, Santander, Oslob, Bolhoon, Alcoy, Dalaguete, Argao, Sibunga, Carcar, Barili, Dumanhug, Ronda and Alcantara. We start at 1pm- til 8pm home. Round south drive wow i did. For so exciting driving, we both drive with no helmet. Not comes in mind, that i must to wear helmet for safe. The road is nice, plain, short distance straight road but mostly very curvy road, for the fresher's driver like me, and i don't have any an idea or techniques on curving road drive, it is very dangerous. (why) because i don't have idea that we must to change the speed when we are in curving road. I got 80 speed maintain while in curving road, and nearly me drop off in the mountain/sea. But am so thankful to God, that i can balance and move back with my bike (deeply inhale) .And then, driving me slowly again and thought what i did.
Am continue driving with more care and always what's up! Ahead! Always in my mind.
Now i learn and always care in driving and read some regulation/caution of road driving.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


hello everyone, back to blog again. Am so busy for the last few months. About my work, my love life and hanging friends....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Storya Friend

Sinulog Fiest again, But i miss my close friend Aileen. She is now in Germany with her husband Helmut. And now am alone to go in Sinulog to bring my maskara, panlaban sa snatcher.,,,ngeek. But thanks for always calling me my friend iba ka talaga. YOU leave me, with the 65years not much trunker. Am not like you gwapa. oh,,,,Ja, ich bin noch ledig. Warten wer ist kommend meine leben. good night to all sober friends and bloggers.