Monday, May 17, 2010

waving flags

We was attending on the parade today in the small town of Tjøtta. All Norwegian was on the processions, leading the school children bringing their own flags waving and showing the love of our country. Even have a slightly rain the marching was go on and the speeches and the band playing the national anthem. They are celebrating every 17th day of May. The Norway's National Day. We saw some old Norwegians wearing their own national costumes called "BUNAD". Its so nice. After parade they are attending the mass. I was there too,praying by myself not joining to them cause i don't understand their own language. Hope soon I can speak to them with same language. And night time we have big dinner celebration, in cozy restaurant. Food was Oishi...but not FREE.


Yolanda Hatley said...

Haha... Visit here in alaska i give u a free food here at my house only.. :)